Colleen Dutertre – Operations/Wine-Director

While Chef Didier works his magic in the kitchen, the other half of this dynamic couple juggles the countless details that create an authentic, immersive European bistro experience. Colleen Dutertre takes on many roles as operating partner, wine-director and front-of-house Madame. Her hands-on, detailed approach is crucial to the bistro’s renowned warmth and intimacy. “Now more than ever I want guests to step in off the street, and be transported somewhere else entirely,” she said. Colleen’s ever-evolving wine list is a crucial element in the total bistro experience. The certified sommelier and French wine scholar dots her Carte des Vins with Old World gems from the finest regions in France, but also offers treasures from the Central Coast of California. She especially loves to find “bridge wines” that take the diner out of the “known” and into new territory. “Ultimately I’m always hunting for wines that are delicious, represent a correct sense of terroir, and fit into a wide range of budgets. I love evaluating the character of a wine, and then matching it with our cuisine,” said Colleen, who annotates her husband’s menu with wine pairing suggestions. “Creating that harmony elevates the entire dining experience.” She has also launched Bistro Moulin’s retail wine program, offering full and half bottles at great prices. An avid wine-destination traveler, Colleen most loves joining her husband on culinary adventures throughout Europe, exploring the famous wine regions of France, Spain, Greece, Sicily and the Croatian coast. “Eating and drinking and absorbing cultures is so powerful, and such a rich experience,” she said. “And then we get to go home and translate it all for our guests.”